What You Should Expect With A Septic Inspection In Snohomish

What You Should Expect With A Septic Inspection In Snohomish

There are multiple types of inspections for your septic system and reasons you may need to have someone come out and look at the tank. That is why it’s essential to understand what it is you need and where to find the best septic inspection in Snohomish for your unique situation. By knowing the types of evaluations out there and what is required of you, you can find the right company to meet all your needs in one place.

County Required Inspections

Depending on the type of unit you have, your county may want an inspection either every year or every three years. For those who have a gravity system, you need to have an operation and maintenance inspection every three years. Those who have any other type of system installed must have this type of inspection on an annual basis per their county.

Pump The System and Inspection

If your tank is full, you can have a simple pumping done, and a brief inspection of the system runs at the same time. This is not as in-depth as the O&M mentioned above. However, it can help you know if there are issues starting to creep up.

Selling Your Home

Each county and escrow company works differently. However, the bottom line is, when you sell your home, there’s going to need to be a septic inspection on the entire system. Some companies require you to have it pumped out if it hasn’t been within a specified timeframe. Others just want an in-depth look at the system to put with all the paperwork when transferring ownership.

If you are in need of a septic inspection in Snohomish, call our team here at Superior Septic Services now at (425) 905-2485.

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