Septic Pumping

Often, your septic system is out of sight, out of mind. This means that regular system maintenance, such as septic pumping can be forgotten about and lead to disasters down the road. Septic tanks operate at full capacity, the concern when a system hasn’t been pumped routinely, is that the solid waste that settles at the bottom of the tank, builds up overtime and can leech into your drain field, causing extensive damage.

Septic pumping frequency depends on a couple of factors. The biggest factor is how much use your system sees. This could be in the number of people living in the home, or it can be the soaps, wipes, or grease that is induced into the system. Keep in mind, ALL drains in your home lead to the septic system, so be mindful of what goes down your toilets and drains.

Inspection is required at least once every three years for all systems consisting solely of a septic tank and gravity drain field (SSAS). WAC 246-272A-0270

Need your septic tank pumped because the system is not working or it has been a few years?

Wondering what the cost will be?

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Here is what we need to know to get a rate for a pumping

  1. Is your system a gravity or pump system?
  2. How long has it been since you pumped your system?
  3. Is there an issue with the system?
  4. Is the system alarm going off?
  5. Are there riser lids?
  6. How soon do you want it done?


Top 10 Reasons to contact Superior Septic Services, LLC today!

  1. Although phone estimates are challenging, we understand that being accurate as possible is key in having a company with integrity and honesty
  2. Being a small local company our overhead is low so we offer competitive prices
  3. As a small company every customer counts to us and we want to be your choice every time you have issues with your system
  4. The owner is on every site and has over 30+ years local industry experience.
  5. Fast & Reliable service
  6. No dig fee under normal circumstances
  7. A pressure septic system includes an additional tank which must be pumped also. We only charge for the waste removed in gallons.  NOT by the tank capacity
  8. Small truck available for smaller driveways, bridges, and properties with limited access
  9. Live consultation 24/7 to help solve your septic issues
  10. We carry 150 feet of hose on our truck

Please visit our When to Pump page for detailed information on pumping frequency.


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