Septic Repair

It is always less expensive to maintain and upgrade your septic system rather than waiting until there are problems or failures which could have been prevented. For immediate Everett Septic Repair & Service give us a call and we’ll be right out!

 Lateral flushing:

On any low pressure drain field, laterals should be flushed out annually. This procedure will reduce scum build up in the laterals and help with even distribution across the entire length of the lateral. It will also help your pump to live longer by decreasing back pressures which can reduce running time on demand dose systems.

 Main line cleaning:

Preventative maintenance should include having the main line from the house to the septic tank professionally cleaned once every 10 years. Soaps and grease build up over time and can cause back ups.

 Filter installation:

On the outlet of the septic tank a filter should be installed in order to prevent solids from escaping toward the drain field. It is much less expensive to clean a filter than a drain field.

 Riser installation:

Risers allow easy access into the septic system by bringing the lids up to the surface. Lids are screwed down and have an epoxy seal to prevent odor from escaping. No more searching for your septic system or paying to have it dug up for maintenance.

For immediate Everett Septic Repair & Service give us a call and we’ll be right out!


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