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On-Site Sewage disposal System Pumping


Our pump truck is standing by, fully equip and ready to go to work for you. We pride ourselves on having state of the art equipment that can get the job done while others struggle.

RV Pumping

If you have a RV and can’t move it, we can provide pumping service for you. This takes a special connection so your waste tank doesn’t get vacuumed flat in the process. Our trucks come equip and ready for the task.

Inspection Camera Work

If you are concerned about a potential problem and would like to get a look at it prior to spending a bunch of time and money, you may want to consider utilizing our camera equipment. Know you are making the right decision prior to digging.

Baffle Replacement

Septic tanks are no more than large traps for solids. Baffles are a component that keep the solids in the septic tank. If your baffles are missing, improperly installed or have decomposed due to year of exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas, which is present in all septic tanks, than you should have the baffles replaced.

Filter Installation

Another way to ensure that solids are kept in the septic tank is to have a filter installed on the outlet of your septic tank. These filters are reusable and easy to clean. By preventing small solid particles from escaping into your pump chamber or drain field you can add years of life to your septic system.

Riser Installation

Risers are required on all new septic systems and can be retro fitted for existing septic systems. Risers bring the lids of your septic tanks up to the surface. This will make inspections, maintenance and pumping access easy. Not many companies locate and dig for free anymore. The money you would have spent for digging and locating over time, will pay for your riser installation. Not to mention the time saved if you have a back up, and need to access the tank rapidly.

Submersible Pump Replacement

Septic Systems are becoming more complex than ever. Many septic systems have one or more submersible pumps as components of that system. These pumps are electro- mechanical devises. They require a service professional to plumb them in correctly and set the floats properly as per the design specisfications. Labor & industry then requires the electrical to be done by a licensed electrician.

Drain Field Installation / Repair

If your in need of a septic system repair or a full installation we are able to handle your need from A to Z.


We are fully capable to handle inspections for

  • Home Sale
  • County Health Department Required
  • Septic System Certifications

Operation and Maintenance (O & M) Contracts are now available to meet your Systems requirements implemented by the County Health Department

  • Sandfilter Systems
  • Mound Systems
  • Whitewater Systems
  • Advantex Systems
  • Low Pressure Distribution Systems
  • Drip Systems using GeoFlow

System troubleshooting and Guidance for all your unanswered questions, symptoms and failures about your septic System. Let our years of experience lead you to cost effective solutions when you have a septic system issue.

Preferred Customer Program

Superior is helping to take the sting out of the rising costs of maintaining your septic system. I proudly offer this program which allows you to put dollars away in a trust account for your systems maintenance.

Call and Ask for details 425-905-2485

Tank Locating

Using the latest Electronic devises we can find most any tank. Just flush a transmitter and follow it to the tank.

Main Line Cleaning (jetting)

The use of soaps and the disposal of grease from clothes and dishes contribute to a build up over time in the main line leading to the septic tank from the house. This build up will cause slow drainage and eventually back up to the home. It is recommended that you line be cleaned every 6 years.

Our High volume and pressure line cleaning equipment scours the line like new and then pulls the loosened material back to the tank.

No need to enter your home.

If your septic system is on a 3 year inspection/pumping schedule than the line should be cleaned every other time.

Now keep those lines draining!

Trap Clear

Many products are available to keep your lines clean now days but Trap Clear is one that is promoted within our industry. You can not buy it over the counter and it is only sold by industry professionals.

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