ATU (Aerobic Treatment Unit) inspections.are required by the WAC 246-272A-0270 requires home owners who have an ATU to be on a service contract that is on-going for the life of the home. Inspections are to be done annually for all ATU systems unless more frequent inspections are specified by the local health officer.

By Choosing Superior Septic Services, you will be contracting with a Licensed bonded and insured installer, O&M Provider, and Pumper with over 30+ years industry experience.

Understanding who can perform Septic System Inspections for you.

               Licensed Septic tank Pumper:

  • Usually the least Knowledgeable
  • Least amount of experience in the industry
  • Most likely to get called by customers because of high advertising budgets and old School thinking.

O&M Providers

  • Require more education and time in the industry
  • Higher bond levels
  • Yearly Continuing education units (CEUs)


There are several different types of septic system inspections.

1. County Required (O&M ) Operation and Maintenance Inspection – This inspection may include an additional county filing fee and be required whether or not you have had your tanks pumped. This inspection requirement is base on WAC 246-272A-0270 passed in 2007. The State law reads:

Every gravity System will be inspected by an Operation and Maintenance Professional every 3 years.

All other systems will need to be inspected annually.

Each County Health department is in charge of enforcement of this Washington State Law. Your county program and fees may differ greatly from other counties.

2- Home Sale Inspection also known as a transfer of title inspection – It used to be that escrow companies required the seller to provide proof of septic system maintenance before they would allow the transaction to close. Each escrow company had it own rules to follow for this requirement. Some wanted the septic tank pumped if it hadn’t been done in the past 6 months. Others wanted the System Pumped and inspected if it hadn’t been done in the past 2 years.

Licensed Septic tank Pumpers were able to perform this type of inspection. However, with the ever increasing complexity and cost of septic systems Most counties now require more knowledge and troubleshooting experience than a septic tank pumpers license covers. So each county has created a new division within the industry. This division is now called  Operation and Maintenance Providers. O&M Providers have a deeper understanding of each septic system and troubleshooting experience. Therefore are required to inspect with more depth to try and ensure to the best of their ability, the condition of the drain field and all other system components.

3- Pumping and inspection as routine maintenance – This is not an O&M inspection and is usually performed by the Septic pumper. It is only a snapshot of your Septic system performance based on the levels found in the septic tank and baffle integrity.  Most Pumpers provide this inspection as part of their service. Some pumpers charge extra for this inspection.



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