What happens to the waste from my septic tank after pumping?

Septic company Periodic Septic Pumping is important for your home in order to maintain a properly functioning system.  In Arlington, Superior Septic Services offers the best services and 24/7 on call assistance. After your septic tank is pumped, and is nice and clean, do you ever wonder what happens to the gunk that was taken out? Waste in our pumper trucks is delivered to a waste treatment facility where it is recycled for other uses. Waste for other uses? Yes, here’s how.

Waste is brought to a processing plant for municipal sewage treatment. Chemicals are used to kill bacteria and other pathogens and to separate solids and liquids.

Wastewater undergoes a series of physical, chemical and biological processes to make it safe for reuse. After rigorous testing, this recycled water is used for irrigation for agriculture and in aquaculture systems. The sludge/solids are processed to improve quality in several ways: using good bacteria to eat the bad, going through a spinner to remove additional particles and disinfection. The processed material must pass EPA testing to become bio-sludge and then can be used as fertilizer for farmland.

Another way to reuse solid waste is to incinerate it for energy. Waste is burned to boil water to power steam generators that make electricity. The potential for pollutants to enter the atmosphere from the gases from the boiler led to the creation of company’s adding filters to the smokestacks of the boilers, so the process is now safe and effective.

Superior Septic Services is proud to be a part of an industry that cares about the environment. Who knew Septic Pumping in Arlington was so important? To join the reusing and recycling movement, get your septic tank pumped today! Call for an appointment at 425-905-2485.


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