Solving Your Septic Situation in Arlington

septic repair in Arlington

There are several obvious factors you will notice if your septic system is not operating properly which usually occurs at the most inconvenient time. Kitchen or bathroom sinks, drains and tubs may clog. Sewage may back up in the toilets when they are flushed. Horrible smells may permeate the house or yard. Puddles form in strange places in the lawn. If any of these problems sound regrettably familiar at your home, it is time for septic repair in Arlington. Snohomish Septic Services has qualified and experienced personnel who will inspect and diagnose your septic situation. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

To get to the bottom of the septic issue, our expert technicians may have to pump your septic tank. After pumping, they will be able to carefully inspect the interior of the tank, filters, pumps, baffle, tank lid and all other components to determine the specific problem area. Portions of the drain field may be exposed to see if a pipe is broken or if roots have invaded it.

We will offer an affordable, accurate quote for your septic repair in Arlington. Costs vary widely and can be anywhere from $500.00 to $4,000.00, according to the scope of the problem, repair equipment needed and the amount of labor required.

Call Superior Septic Services today at 425-905-2485 for questions about your septic system, or to schedule septic service. We look forward to serving you and your septic needs. Contact us today.

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