Septic Repair in Arlington

Septic Repair in Arlington

Superior Septic Services is prepared to take care of any septic repair in Arlington. Standard septic tanks are passive technology – which is to say that they have few moving parts. The newer, above ground tanks must have pumps to move matter and fluids from drains up into the tank. It is for this reason that the gravity flow tanks require an inspection only every three years, while the above ground tanks need inspected yearly.

Septic repairs are an important aspect of septic tank maintenance. Riser lids are one of the things that often need repaired or replaced. Since they both provide access to the inside of the tank, as well as a barrier to keep people, pets and other creatures from falling into the tank are an important feature. The lids cover the riser pipes that reach from the buried tank to the surface – which also can become damaged and might need to be replaced. A feature that is less visible, but still important, is the baffle that retains the solids in the septic tank while letting fluids flow on out into the leach field. Leach fields might not be considered by the uninitiated to the mysteries of home sanitary systems, but they are another place for potential damage. The perforated drains can be crushed if large machinery is driven over it, or they can be filled up with tree roots if trees and shrubs are allowed to grow up over the leach field – which is not advised. For above ground tanks, pumps are another potential need for repairs.

Call Superior Septic Services at (425)905-2485 for your septic repair in Arlington. If you have noticed sluggish drains, odd odors or standing water where it doesn’t belong, there is a good chance that your septic system needs attention.

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