Septic Inspection in Lake Stevens

Septic Inspection in Lake StevensSuperior Septic Services can help with your septic inspection in Lake Stevens. Septic inspections serve two purposes: they help make sure that your home sanitation process is effectively taking care of your bathroom and kitchen waste, and they help prevent the sorts of accidents that come from improperly maintained septic tanks.

Statistics concerning home sanitation, according to the US Census bureau, indicate that in the 1940s fewer than 3/4 of homes in the United States had flush toilets. By 1990, that percentage had risen to the point that 96% of homes in the US had flush toilets. That is a dramatic change that reflects trends in housing. Indoor plumbing, once a luxury item, has become a fixture in modern homes. One has to count that as a good thing. However, according to a blog entitled Growing Blue, by Ben Grumbles, U.S. Census statistics also indicate that 10% of decentralized septic systems have stopped working. In some communities, the percentage can be as high as 70%. When you consider the overall population of the United States, that is a lot of septic tanks that just aren’t up to snuff. Failing septic tanks can create problems ranging from sewage leaking into drinking water, which can cause a whole range of public health problems, to trapping people or animals in a big tank or causing their asphyxiation in the toxic liquids that are native to septic tanks.

Superior Septic Services can help with your septic inspection in Lake Stevens, just give us a call at (425)905-2485. We will be glad to help you keep your home sanitation system working correctly. As Mr. Grumbles so succinctly put it, “Clean water begins at home.” Let us help you to be a good neighbor, and do your part to help keep water clear and clean, and your two footed and four footed neighbors safe.

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