Schedule Your Septic Inspection Near Monroe

septic inspection near Monroe

Superior Septic Services is prepared to take care of your septic inspection near Monroe. Septic systems are required to be inspected periodically – once every one to three years for below-ground systems (gravity systems), once yearly for every other system, including those that require a pump.

Spring is a good time for septic inspections. Even though February can bring some blustery weather, you can call us and schedule this chore and get it on your calendar. If you are thinking of moving, it is a good idea to have your septic system inspected – both at your old locale (if you are selling) and at your new digs. A septic inspection is not a routine part of a home inspection, but your lender might require it.

There is another good reason to get your home septic system inspected. In many areas, local governments are striving to reduce the numbers of septic tanks. There is some reason for this. A poorly maintained septic tank can release pollutants into the environment. If the lids or the tank itself become damaged, it can be hazardous to people or animals who walk over it. An inspection has the chance of revealing problems before they become a problem. We are highly in favor of prevention.

Call Superior Septic Services at (425)905-2485 to schedule your septic inspection near Monroe. We have the experience and the integrity that you want applied to your septic inspection. Furthermore, if the inspection reveals the need for pumping or some other sort of repair, our professional team can create an estimate of probable costs of repair and take care of the repairs, as well. They will always have appropriate identification. Should there ever be a question about whether a work crew is from our office, feel free to call us immediately.

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