Protect Your Investment with Septic Inspection in Snohomish and King County

Protect Your Investment with Septic Inspection in Snohomish and King CountySuperior Septic Services can help you protect your investment with septic inspection in Snohomish and King County. Our services include licensed, bonded and insured installation, O & M provider, with more than 24 years’ experience in the business.

Septic tank inspections come in several varieties. The most common is the O & M, or Operations and Maintenance Inspection. For gravity feed tanks, this must be done every three years, all other types must be inspected annually. The regulation was passed in 2007 and is part of Washington State law. As an O & M provider, we have higher bond levels, more education and experience is required, and we maintain continuing education credits. If you have your tank pumped, the pumper might include a snapshot inspection. Although it does not fulfill the mandated inspection requirement, it could give you an idea of whether your septic system needs repairs or maintenance to bring it up to standards. If you are selling or buying a home with a septic system, it should be inspected and pumped prior to purchasing the property to protect your new investment.

Call Superior Septic Services at (425)905-2485 if it is time for your septic inspection in Snohomish or King County. Our licensed, bonded field team can take care of official septic inspections or give you a snapshot idea of the condition of your tank and peripherals if you are concerned about your system, but it is not yet due for an official inspection. We understand the importance of keeping your home sanitation system up and running, as well as keeping it in compliance with state and local regulations.

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