Looking For Quality Septic Service in Lake Stevens?

Looking For Quality Septic Service in Lake Stevens?

A septic system that isn’t functioning correctly can quickly become a nightmare. Sewage can back up into your home, which is a health hazard, and water can pool around the drain in your yard. The last thing you want is to have to dig up your septic system. Superior Septic Services, LLC, understands the septic business and can provide you with professional septic service in Lake Stevens.

When Should I Have My Tank Pumped?

A good rule of thumb for having your system pumped out is every three to five years. Certain circumstances may cause you to need to do it sooner. This can include excessive use – maybe your family grew in size – or you are having problems.

How Do I Know If I Have a Problem That Needs Attention?

Many newer systems have alarms that will go off if there is a problem. If that happens, you should have a professional company come out and determine the problem. Signs that things are night right include constant clogging or water pooled and always damp ground around the tank. Another indication is a strong foul odor outside where the system is located. If you feel as though you may be having a problem, it is better to have someone take a  look. A small repair service is much easier to handle than something bigger and more costly later on.

Service You Can Trust

When you have your septic system maintained regularly, your chance of significant problems decreases significantly. Superior Septic Services offers septic service in Lake Stevens. If you need emergency septic service, our team of experienced, professional technicians is on the job. Contact us today at (425) 905 2485 for more information on what we can do for you.

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