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septic inspection in Marysville

Superior Septic Services has your reliable septic inspection in Marysville. Our technicians are appropriately licensed and certified to carry out official inspections. As you probably know, septic tank owners are required to have their tanks inspected. Gravity feed tanks need to be inspected every three years, and tanks that require a pump to operate need to be inspected yearly.

Septic tanks need to be inspected for a lot of reasons. First, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is required, but more importantly, inspection can catch a lot of problems before they get started. A septic tank that has a broken or damaged lid is hazardous to anyone or anything that walks over it. Leaking septic tanks, or overflowing tanks can cause contaminants to flow into groundwater, which can cause well water to be undrinkable or can cause problems in waterways. While more sanitary than open cesspits, septic tanks are by no means a perfect way to treat household sewage – especially if they are not in good repair. An inspection can reveal potential problems, and our team can suggest ways to solve any problems that they find. We will create a fair and accurate assessment of your septic tank’s condition. If your septic system needs repairs, we will create an appropriate assessment of the repairs needed.

Superior Septic Services has your reliable septic inspection in Marysville, call (425)905-2485 to learn more. Our team will never invent, or falsely represent repairs that might be needed to bring your system into compliance. They will have correct identification and paperwork. If there is any question at all about whether the team that shows up at your house represents our company, feel free to immediately call the number listed above. We value our customers.

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