Your Septic Service in Monroe

septic service in MonroeSuperior Septic Services is prepared to help you with your septic service in Monroe. That could take the form of several different activities – pumping, scheduled inspection, repairs or even replacing or upgrading your current system. Our goal is for you home sanitation set-up to work the way it is intended – quietly keeping the effluent from your home flowing away from it, but not allowing it to drain out into the world around your home without treatment.

Modern disposal systems have come a long way since the days when a king’s sanitary arrangements might consist of a drafty seat over a stinky moat. No need to stock that moat with alligators! The stench alone was probably weapon enough to keep any enemy from wanting to swim over to the castle wall. Of course, it is possible that the people who lived in the castle – and the ones laying siege to it – might not have really noticed the odor all that much. After all, such facilities were once called garderobes because the nobility hung their winter furs in them. The idea was that the ammonia fumes would drive off moths and fleas that might otherwise infest these winter garments.

Superior Septic Services is prepared to help you with your septic service in Monroe, just give us a call at (425)905-2485. We’ll be glad to help you prevent the development of a smelly moat around your home, but we are afraid that when it comes to storing the royal ermine robes, you are on your own. All jokes aside, modern sanitation arrangements are far ahead of those commonly used in the 1500s. Sometimes, our modern arrangements get a little bit complicated – and that is when we are here to help you.

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