Your Edmonds Septic Service Can Help

Your Edmonds Septic Service Can Help

Superior Septic Services is fully prepared to take care of your Edmonds septic service. A septic service can include many different things, including an unofficial inspection to help you know what you might need to pass an official inspection. Many septic service functions can be carried out by licensed tank pumpers, who can give you an unofficial inspection while they are pumping.

The most extensive services can be carried out by Operation and Maintenance providers, who are required to have more education and to keep up with professional development. Services can include RV pumping, camera inspection work, baffle replacement, filter replacement, submersible pump replacement, and much, much more. If it has to do with septic tanks, we can do it. From your sink or toilet right on out to the leach field, we can locate the problem, repair or replace it, or in the rare case when your septic system has “gone over to the dark side,” or in other words, reached a state of decrepitude that means it absolutely can’t be fixed, we can help you set up a new system. Septic services are important not only to the health and well being of your own family but to that of your neighbors as well.

If you need Edmonds septic service, call Superior Septic Services, at (425)905-2485 to set up an appointment. We understand that when things go wrong with your plumbing system, then things can go very badly at your house until it is fixed. If you need emergency facilities, we can provide a portable waste holding tank or a portapotty until your regular system is repaired.

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