What is a septic system

Homeowners in Everett and all of Snohomish County, Washington are likely to treat home wastewater on-site through the use of a septic tank system. A septic systems receives wastewater from the home through drains and toilets. In the storage tank, natural processes separate the waste water into sludge or sediment, scum and water. The tank stores the scum and sludge and discharges the waste water into a “drain field.”

In Washington State it is required that inspections of septic systems be performed by qualified personnel every one to three years depending on system type and county.

Unfortunately, septic systems are underground and that old adage “out of sight out of mind” is often true – homeowners may forget their state mandated inspection or worse forget to have their system pumped. Some owners feel that by using a septic tank additive that they add through drains or the toilet they can increase the time between pumping. They are wrong! There is no scientific proof that additives serve any purpose other than making money for their manufacturers. If fact, according to the Washington State, using additives may lead to premature system failure.

Now, Superior Septic Services of Everett, Washington can easily remind you of your inspection and pumping times by offering a free membership in their Superior Customer’s Club. Membership allows you to select a discounted maintenance plan that best suits your needs. There are four plans:

  • Plan “A”: offers a 10 percent discount on future pumping services (excluding removal fee), an emergency sticker for your circuit breaker box and one discounted pumping in a 36 month cycle with a reminder by email, snail mail or telephone
  • Plan “B” offer all that Plan A does plus an additional 2 percent discount bringing your total discount to 12 percent and a scheduled appointment for your nest pumping.
  • Plan “C” offers even more. You receive a 15 percent discount on future pumping service and a three year county inspection (County fee not eligible for discount). This plan is prepaid by easy to manage monthly payments.
  • Plan “D” offers the best value! It includes all of Plan C and necessary annual inspections (County fee not eligible for discount). As with Plan C this plan is prepaid by monthly installments.

All plans benefit you by removing the worry of forgetting to pump your septic tank system when needed. Pumping regularly will protect your system and prevent you from incurring thousands of dollars of preventable repair bills. Call us now to join! 425-905-2458 Visit our website for valuable coupons and offers.

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