We’ll Make Time for Your Septic Inspection in Marysville

septic inspection in MarysvilleSpring is a busy time at Superior Septic Services, but we will make time for your septic inspection in Marysville. That is because not only are septic inspections mandated by law – every three years for gravity feed systems, and yearly for pumped systems – but thorough, professional inspections are important for maintaining the efficiency and safety of your septic systems.

Every year there is a new crop of news stories about septic tanks and home septic systems – very few of them are good news, unless you count the ones where rescuers are able to save the unlucky victims. Broken lids, old, unused empty tanks, and diseases born by feces – from humans and from other creatures. Septic inspections won’t necessarily prevent all types of septic system failures; but they can go a long way toward detecting some types of imminent breakdowns. For example, it is fairly easy to discover a broken lid or risers. Bad odors from standing water near your home is another indicator that something could be wrong with your septic system. Too much green grass over the septic tank – good for the grass, not so good for the environment. A pump that is about to go out, or a clogged line are two more items that are fairly easy to detect – those backed-up sinks and the toilet that doesn’t want to flush are pretty good clues.

At Superior Septic Services, we will always make time for your septic inspection in Marysville, just call (425)905-2485 to set up an appointment today. We will help you keep your coliform bacteria where it belongs – inside your septic system, not out in the world. And we will try to help keep your septic system out of the news.

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