Types of Septic Inspection in Lake Stevens


Types of Septic Inspection in Lake Stevens

Are you considering your options for septic inspection in Lake Stevens? Superior Septic Services offers high-quality inspection options that are both comprehensive and affordable. We have extensive experience in installing, repairing, and replacing septic systems, and we are confident that we can provide you with the service you need in a timely fashion.

If you never had a septic inspection done, these are the two main types of inspections:

Visual Inspection

This is the type of inquiry you can expect when buying or selling a home and is often done by a home inspector. Typically, the process involves asking questions about the age of the house, how often the septic system is pumped, and when the last inspection was. The septic inspector can then flush all the toilets and run all of the water in the home to evaluate water pressure and draining. After that, the inspector can go out to the drain field and make sure that there is no standing water. This type of inspection is helpful and quick but does not offer the complete results of a full examination.

Full Inspection

You can expect everything you would get from a visual inspection and then some with a full septic inspection. This is the kind of septic evaluation you want to be done every three to five years to ensure that your system is up to spec. Septic inspectors can remove the cover to the septic tank and check the water levels, which can help determine whether water is draining properly in your home. The inspector can then run water in the house to make sure that everything is flowing correctly from your home to the tank, as well as ensuring that water levels do not rise during this process.

Septic inspectors may also use a dye test, meaning that dye is added to the water that is being drained so the amount that enters the septic tank can be more accurately determined. After that, the septic tank is pumped, and the inspector can evaluate the absorption area for any backflow. If there’s a problem with your drain field, the backflow level can generally indicate this quickly enough. The water level is rechecked after pumping to ensure that no blockages are impeding the effectiveness of your system.

If you want to get the most out of your septic inspection Lake Stevens, Superior Septic Services offers unbeatable quality at fair prices. For more information about the services that we have available, or to schedule your next septic inspection, give our team a call today at (425) 905-2485.

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