Timely Septic Pumping in Everett

Timely Septic Pumping in EverettThe team at Superior Septic Services reminds our customers that timely septic pumping in Everett can prolong the life of your home septic system. Even with the best maintenance in the world, a septic tank’s solids section will eventually fill up. Pumping it out before it reaches the critical point can preserve its function.

Septic tanks work by trapping solids in the first compartment of the septic tank, then allowing liquids to slosh over into the next compartment for further settling before flowing on out into the leach field where it can be filtered through earth and a growing lawn of grass. Many things can happen to interfere with this process. Using harsh chemicals that kill the bacteria that help digest the solids can cause the first compartment to fill up more quickly. Flushing items that are not feces or toilet paper down the commode can also create problems. Even if they do not stop up the stool or lines, items like tampons, diapers or kitchen wastes can fill up space. These items, particularly the inorganic substances used in disposable sanitary items, cause the chamber to fill up more quickly leaving little room for organics to collect.

Call Superior Septic Services at (425)905-2485 if timely pumping septic pumping in Everett seems to be needed. Signs include standing water in the leach field, unexplained bad odors in the area of the septic tank, drains that are slow or that back up into the tub or sink, and – of course – toilets that overflow instead of flushing. Let us help you to keep your home septic system functioning and safe. We are here to help our friends and neighbors and are only a phone call away.

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