Time for Septic Service?

So, you have been dumping an organic chemical, inorganic chemical or biological septic treatment down your toilet forever and therefore believe you do not need Everett Septic Service. Sorry, you could not be more wrong!

Many Everett, Washington homes and businesses join the nearly one-third of Americans who are not connected to sewerSeptic tank pumping systems and are responsible for waste water treatment on their own. Those who are familiar with septic systems know that periodic Everett septic serviceis all one needs to keep their systems in top-notch working order. Federal and state governments agree too.

Stop flushing your money down the toilet! Additives do not help, in fact according to United States Environmental Protection Agency and Rhode Island among many others, septic tank treatment at best do no harm and at worst can cause your septic system to fail and cause you to make expensive repairs totaling thousands of dollars.

Research has been done by many universities including Baylor University and Purdue University. State and Federal agencies also have conducted exhaustive studies on septic pumping versus septic treatments.

Research conducted by these universities, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and several states all reach the same conclusions:
1. There is no scientific proof that is septic additives can extend the period of time between septic service pumping.
2.There are actually no benefits from the use of additives in septic systems.
3. Additive in septic systems may actually harm your septic system
4. The only way to maintain a septic system properly is by periodic pumping

Every study, researcher and septic tank expert unequivocally agrees that periodic septic service, that is inspection and septic pumping Everett, should be performed. Although it is all that needs to be done to keep a septic system operating properly, it must be done.

Companies that make septic tank treatments have only one goal. It is to have you give them your hard-earned money for a worthless product. In fact, their products may even be harmful to your system if used as directed. Do not be influenced by the ads these unscrupulous companies frequently run. Even those that claim scientific studies are not telling the truth.

remember, science has proven that only septic service, pumping your system on a regular periodic basis is the only maintenance your system needs.

Call us now to schedule your Everett Septic Service and protect your investment and the environment.

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