Take Care of the Environment with Septic Repair in Arlington

Septic Repair in Arlington

Superior Septic Services, with more than twenty-five years of experience in septic management, is prepared to take care of your septic repair in Arlington. Keeping up with your septic tank’s needs is a vital part of responsible home ownership.

Recently in New England, according to WBUR news, Sara Wiggington – a soil researcher — presented data to a group of engineers, septic system designers and installers. She explained that while most septic systems do a good job of removing pathogens, they do very little to remove nitrogen.

Nitrogen occurs naturally in our environment. In fact, it is produced in our digestive systems. Septic tanks that are operating optimally, might remove as much as thirty percent of the nitrogen from household sewage or as little as none at all. Nitrogen helps things grow, but when too much of it gets into lakes and streams it can cause algae blooms and fish die-off.

But there is another possible effect of excess nitrogen. When nitrogen undergoes changes, it can turn into nitrates or nitrites. When nitrates get into drinking water, there is the possibility that it could cause birth defects, blue baby syndrome, or cancer in adults. The evidence is not conclusive, but there is enough to cause concern.

The big problem is that even top-notch systems in good repair aren’t doing a good job of filtering out nitrogen and its various forms. One way to combat the problem is to test the output from your septic system. Superior Septic Services is prepared to help with your septic repair in Arlington, just call us at (425) 905-2485 to learn more about preventative septic maintenance. We can help you with using existing technology to do your part toward maintaining a cleaner environment. We all live both up and downstream from someone.

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