Superior Septic Service and Repair

According to United States Department of Energy about 25 percent of American homes depend on an individual home waste water treatment system for disposing of their used water. Most of these homes use the tried and true septic system to manage their waste water.

Superior Septic System is the go to service provider for Septic System Service and repair in all of Snohomish and Skagit counties in Washington State.

Homeowners often are misled to believe that using as additive in their septic tank system will extend the time between pumping out their septic tank and also believe it is a good maintenance practice. Unfortunately, they are wrong! In fact, there is no scientific proof than any septic tank additive does anything good at all for your septic system. In fact, research strongly links organic and inorganic chemical septic treatments to premature septic system failure. Regular inspections and pumping out of septic tanks is the only way to properly maintain them. Call us now to schedule an inspection:425-905-2485.

The state requires that septic systems “consisting of a tank and drain field must be inspected every three years and all other systems must be inspected annually be a qualified operations and maintenance professional.”

There are several maintenance plans that we have available that will keep you in compliance with State Law. Plan prices start at Free! That provides a pumping and reminder service all the way to contracts that lock in our guaranteed low prices of today. Generally, most homeowners do not give much thought to their septic systems – out of sight, out of mind. The contract service we provide insures that you remember to pump your tank when it is needed and that you are in compliance with the state’s inspection rules.

If you notice standing water in your drain field, four odors from the drain field or tank area or your drains are slow and your toilets do not empty you may have a problem with your septic system. Call us immediately at  425-905-2485 and we will quickly respond to your emergency at the lowest possible price. ** Ask about our “Best Price Guarantee”.

Being a homeowner with an on site waste water disposal system can be a nuisance or an easy task. Working with Superior Septic System makes it easy. Contact us now to schedule your Septic Repair or Service 425-905-2485 .


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