Spring Rains bring a need for Septic Repair in Marysville

Spring Rains bring a need for Septic Repair in MarysvilleAt Superior Septic Services, over the years, we have noticed that spring rains can bring a need for septic repair in Marysville. April Showers bring May Flowers, but they also bring on spring freshets that wash silt and debris into drains and overload leach fields. While a well-behaved septic tank does not normally admit storm drain water, if there is a crack in the lid or if part of the lines for the leach field are washed up to the surface, it can interfere with the proper function of your septic tank.

Septic repair can include repairing or replacing lids, fixing broken baffles or replacing or reburying lines that have been exposed by the action of spring flood waters. While a septic tank is a big improvement over many of the sanitation solutions that came before it, it still has a few bugs in it; and if it gets out of repair and ceases to function properly it can become a source of disease or even a danger to people or animals who walk over or around it. Old septic tanks that are no longer in use should be backfilled with rocks or concrete so that they do not create the potential for cave-ins. With proper maintenance, your septic tank should last many years and give satisfactory service to you and your family as well as your neighbors downstream.

If your septic tank is in need of septic repair in Marysville, give Superior Septic Services a call at (425) 905-2485. We’ll set up an appointment for one of our teams to give it the once-over and to discuss what needs to happen to get it up and running properly again.

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