Septic Tank Questions in Monroe Answered


Septic Tank Questions in Monroe Answered

If you live where there are no water lines to connect to city water and sewage, you will need a septic system. If you are building, you are going to need septic installation in Monroe. If your pipes are in bad shape, you may want to consider new septic system installation. It is not something folks look forward to as it can be costly. Understanding what is involved with a septic system can help you keep yours in good working order.

When Should a Septic Tank Get Pumped Out?

Many people think their septic tank needs to be pumped annually. That is not the case. Every three to five years is sufficient. Using the proper material to help the system break down bacteria is important too.

What Can I Flush Down the Toilet?

You might be surprised at the things that get flushed into a septic system. Common cleaning products are one of the biggest problems. The chemicals in these products can upset the bacteria balance in the tank, which can lead to backups and more. Thick toilet paper is another problem. Be careful what you put into your septic tank.

What is the Lifespan of a Septic Tank

The common thought is that a septic system lasts roughly twenty years. However, if taken care of properly, your septic tank can last well beyond those twenty years.

Septic installation in Monroe is something Superior Septic Services have been doing for years. We come out and check out your property. We can help you decide the best system for you and the best location. Contact us today and set up your appointment. You can reach us at (425) 905-2485.

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