Septic Systems And Garbage Disposals

Septic Repair in Monroe, WATaking care of your existing septic system may require you to change your habits and forgo one or two modern conveniences. Garbage disposals make fast work of food waste after a meal, but they deposit a lot of extra solid waste in your septic tank. This material settles on the bottom and builds up. Sealed tanks and drain lines aren’t designed to accommodate so much material that is slow to break down.

Using a garbage disposal on a daily basis while on a septic system could result in a clogged tank that backs up into the home or floods the yard. If you do want to continue using the disposal, consider regular septic pumping as a way of preventing clogs.

Removing the waste every two to three years should keep the tank clear and help prevent any future issues from occuring. Regular septic pumping and inspections is recommended for all homes, whether you have a garbage disposal or not.

Anything that adds extra waste to the system should increase the number of visits you see from the maintenance team in a ten year period. Consider composting your food waste in a sealed backyard tumbler instead of using your garbage disposal. Avoid pouring liquid fat into the sink drain as well. If the mixture doesn’t congeal and clog the pipe, it will build up in the septic system.

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