Septic System Misconceptions Lake Stevens Residents Need to Understand

Septic System Misconceptions Lake Stevens Residents Need to Understand

Having a septic system put in place can seem like an overwhelming task if you don’t know where to start. It is an investment and one that many people put off if theirs needs to be replaced. There are certain misconceptions about septic systems that make folks unsure of the whole process. Understanding what you can and cannot do can help you make sure your septic works the way it should. So if you need septic installation in Lake Stevens, there is no need to stress. Superior Septic Services can help.

You Can Flush Anything

Most people think just about anything can be flushed down the toilet. Household cleaners, feminine products, and even flushable wipes are examples of things not to put down the toilet. On the other hand, there are things you should be flushing. We can recommend products that will keep everything moving nicely.

You Do Not Need to Do Any Maintenance

This is something most people believe. However, it is not true. The tank needs to be pumped every three to five years. You should have the tank checked out annually if possible. And you need to take care of it by adding the right products to promote good bacterial growth.

A Tank Lasts Around 20 Years

When you take care of your septic system, it can last longer than the typical twenty years. Superior Septic Services would be happy to discuss all your septic tank options. We can come out and look over where you want a new one to go. We can also repair and maintain your current system.

For septic installation in Lake Stevens, go with the pros. Don’t trust your septic system to just anyone. Contact us at (425) 905-2485 for more information.

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