Septic Service in Monroe

Superior Septic is ready to help you with your septic service in Monroe. We know that your septic service needs can range from unclogging lines to a failing septic tank.

Septic Service in Monroe

The best way to prevent major service items is regular service and maintenance of your septic system. Another is to use good daily maintenance practices. Use modest amounts of toilet paper, and refrain from flushing anything other than human waste and that same paper down the commode. Feminine products and disposable diapers might be labeled “flushable,” but that doesn’t apply to a septic tank system. Such products add to the solids in the tank, causing it to fill up more quickly. Kitchen wastes are also a problem. Fats can coat the insides of drain pipes – just as they cause plaque in arteries. Waste from a garbage disposal can also increase the amount of solids collected in the tank. These things can cause a septic tank to fill up far more quickly than it would otherwise. And that means needing to have the tank pumped more often. By using good disposal habits for household waste, you can prolong the life of your septic tank and cut down on maintenance visits. That is both convenience and savings for you.

When you need septic service in Monroe, at Superior Septic we are ready to help you out – whether it is clearing clogged lines, pumping your septic tank or trouble-shooting the leach field. If your septic system needs service, give us a call at (425)905-2485. Let us set up an appointment or we can even help out in an emergency – such as a toilet bowl that is over-flowing on carpet. It is what we do.

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