Septic Service in Marysville

septic service in MarysvilleSuperior Septic Services is available for your septic service in Marysville. However, we would like to remind customers in our area of best practices for maintaining your home septic system. No matter how new or up-to-date your home sanitation arrangements might be, there are some sure ways to sink your system – and some good ways to keep it operating optimally. Let’s take a look at a few of those:

  • Only flush toilet paper and body wastes. Now that might sound like stating the obvious, but there are some amazing things that people try to flush down a toilet – unsuccessfully. These range from cat poop with clay kitty litter clinging to it to those cute little strawberry pincushions that delight toddlers as they swirl round and round.
  • Do not – repeat – do not use the additives that are advertised as “helping” the ecology inside your septic tank. They can actually cause problems in there. The native bacteria will function just fine without it.
  • Go easy on pouring bleach and other bacterial killers down your toilet. They kill that beneficial bacteria in your tank – just like they kill the bacteria on your sink.
  • Don’t believe those labels on disposable diapers and feminine sanitation products that say “flushable.” They aren’t, don’t try it. Put those things in the trash that goes to the curb.

There you have it: just a few practical tips to keep your home sanitation system healthy and happy – and not backing up into your house.

Meanwhile, if you do have problems, Superior Septic Services is available for your septic service in Marysville, just call us at (425)905-2485. We’ll do our best to make those troubles go down the drain – not back up onto your nice carpets and other home furnishings.

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