Septic Service in Lake Stevens

Superior Septic Service can help with your septic service in Lake Stevens. Regular septic service helps to maintain systems in good working order, whether you are using a septic tank or you are hooked up to a pipeline service.

Septic Service in Lake Stevens

Many years ago, septic service looked very different from today’s modern systems. In many cities, people used a ceramic pot – sometimes euphemistically referred to as a ‘thunder mug’ – and then simply poured the result out the window. This is one reason why, in older structures, the upper floor protrudes beyond the lower one. This gave pedestrians a chance to avoid getting splashed as they walked by. Sometimes the results were emptied into a barrel, which was picked up by a horse-drawn conveyance referred to as a ‘honey wagon.’ The waste was then simply hauled outside of the town. Sometimes it was used as fertilizer – without the benefit of treatment to destroy pathogens.  Some people are of the opinion that our current systems could use improvement. They think that we are using too much clean water to carry away waste. However, the alternative systems almost universally require high amounts of human attention; and that creates a strong potential for neglect. Current practices are so much better than historical methods of dealing with human waste, that it does give hope for even better methods in the future. Meanwhile, if the service you need is to have your septic tank pumped, we have the modern version of the honey wagon – a tank truck. We even have a small one that can easily manage back roads.

Meanwhile, Superior Septic Services has the equipment and the technicians to take care of your septic service in Lake Stevens. Just give us a call at (425)905-2485. We will be glad to help.

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