Septic Service in Everett

 Septic Service in EverettWhile most of us are used to the city handling our sewage, there are a rare few that have septic tanks as an alternative. This means that waste-water empties into a tank, and if there is an issue with this tank, a professional is needed to address the problem. These problems can cause ugly messes inside, and outside the home, but if properly maintained a septic tank can more often than not run without issues occurring. Calling a Septic Service in Everett to help with regular maintenance will help.

Septic Tanks handle the contaminated water that leaves your home. This water and contaminants need to be cleaned, and cleared from the Septic system regularly to keep it from backing up and causing an ugly, smelly mess. This mess can cause large repair and cleaning bills. Having these cleared are not always easy as the tank and lines are buried.

The easiest way to do this is not with tools but with a special microorganism which eats the deposits, and other gunk that has built up in the system.

Completing cleaning at regular intervals will help to keep the system clear and running efficiently at all times. The amount of regular intervals should depend on the number of people in the home, and the size of the tank as well. It should be noted that certain chemicals that are used to clean the home, will kill the organisms and should be avoided.

Depending on the size of the tank, it is also a good idea to have the tank pumped out every few years. Two to five years is what is suggested,which helps to prevent overflow. A professional septic service can also inspect the tank for any possible problems with your system, such as corrosion, rusting, and cracking. Replacement septic systems cost thousands of dollars, and it is best to have them inspected when they are serviced.

If in need of a Septic Service in Everett, call Superior Septic Services at (425)905-2485. We will answer all your questions and have your system repaired quickly and efficiently.

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