Septic Pumping in Marysville

Septic Inspection in Everett

Superior Septic Services is ready for septic pumping in Marysville. Spring is a good time to get your septic tank pumped out so that it is ready for the year. Getting it pumped will also help prevent overflows that can mix with spring water runoff.

Spring is a time to be extra careful about home sanitation. Sewage spills can easily cause problems with drinking water, encourage algae blooms, and generally cause environmental problems. An empty septic tank can help prevent these difficulties.

Indoor plumbing has long been a symbol of civilization. From china thunder mugs and oubliettes to the first water closets, getting personal waste out of the house, and preferably out of mind has been the goal. But now we are finding that out of sight and out of mind isn’t enough.  For your septic tank to work well, it needs to have the solids pumped out of it periodically. Incidentally, pumping time is also a good time to schedule your septic tank inspection. The pumping process makes it easy to check the baffles, lids, leach field and more. If your septic tank has filters, then it is also a good time to change those out, as well.

Call Superior Septic Services at (425)905-2485 to schedule your septic pumping in Marysville. If it is time for your septic tank inspection, we can do that, too. Think of it as just one more spring cleaning chore that you can have out of the way. With a happy septic tank, you can easily host the family reunion, club or other group event without worrying about your plumbing – although it is still a good idea to educate your guests about the substances that should or should not be flushed. A little prevention makes for a working septic tank.

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