Septic Lateral Line Service in Everett

Septic system issues are not typically a popular topic for conversation,  but everyone knows when there is a problem it is important to fix the issue immediately. There are many additional components involved with a septic system than people may not be aware of, if they have cause to think of their septic system at all. Regularly scheduled, proper maintenance is crucial for maximum efficiency and to ensure that operations continue to function. Superior Septic Services provides affordable and timely septic repair, maintenance, inspection and installation in Everett.

Septic Repair in Everett It’s particularly important to ensure that your septic system’s lateral lines remain clear. Treated wastewater from your septic tank exits through a filter into the lateral lines. These special open-bottomed pipes are plastic with holes in them that are buried in the drain field of your property. These lateral lines must be level to keep the water flowing smoothly or it will pool and create soggy places in the yard and cause further damage.

Lateral line flushing is recommended to reduce build-up of sludge that may have escaped the filter and keep even distribution of wastewater to all areas of the drain field. Extra sludge will block the holes in the lateral lines and cause a back-up. Pressurized water is used to blast the blockage through the lines and clear them. Your pump will last longer and less pressure keeps things running smoothly. Inspection of the lateral lines is included in your septic service.

Contact Superior Septic Services today at 425-905-2485 for your septic repair in Everett or for any of our expert septic services.


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