Septic Inspection in Snohomish

septic inspection in SnohomishFor some, a septic tank is critical to removing waste water from their home, and when an issue arises with the tank it can be an ugly, smelly costly mess both inside and outside. If inspected and taken care of with regular maintenance, it is possible for future issues to be avoided. Call Superior Septic Services for a professional septic inspection in Snohomish when a surprise problem does arise, or for preventative inspection and services.

Having a septic tank inspected professionally insures that all maintenance is completed correctly, and that any potential problems are found and corrected quickly. This should be done every 1 to 3 years ensure a continually proper working tank, depending on the type of system that is used. When a home is to be sold it should also be inspected as well, if it has not been done within the last year.

The professional that is to inspect the tank should be provided with the location of the tank and the date of the last pumping. Other items that will be inspected are as follows:

  • Sludge levels
  • How far the drain field is from wells and streams
  • Ensure it is big enough for the home
  • Inspect the riser lids
  • Make sure baffles are firmly connected to tank and pipes.
  • Check to ensure that waste water has not surfaced to the ground.

Inspections can let an owner know if the tank needs to be pumped or replaced as well due to a faulty system or a broken component. If a septic system is cracked, it can be hazardous to any residents, guests, pets, as well as the inspector.

A homeowner should always use a licensed bonded and insured professional when dealing with their septic system; this will prevent any errors and problems from arising.

When a septic inspection in Snohomish is needed, call Superior Septic Services at (425) 905-2485. Our experienced helpful staff will help you with any questions you may have about our inspections, and schedule an appointment for service today.

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