Seeking Out Septic Installation In Snohomish? Know These Common Misconceptions

No one wants to consider a septic installation in Snohomish when it boils down to it. The expense alone can cause people to put it off longer than they should. Several common misconceptions are going around about septic systems, and these need to be dispelled. By understanding these myths and putting into practice good habits, you can take care of your new system when it’s installed:

Maintenance Requirements

This isn’t the case. In fact, most systems need to be pumped every three to four years to get the full lifespan of a system you’ve gotten installed. Knowing the best habits to have with your system and pumping every so often, you can avoid a costly repair to your system down the road.

Everything Going Down The System

There’s a misbelief that everything you use on a daily basis is safe to be flushed down the drain. That is not the case. The common household cleaners can disrupt the balance in the tank, causing issues.

Building Over A Tank

You want to avoid putting any type of structure, even one that is temporary, over your septic tank or the drain field. This can cause damage to the lines or to the tank itself. It also prevents you from dealing with regular pumping or maintenance as you should.

Tank Longevity

Some people think that a septic tank will only last for about 20 years. However, if a tank is properly managed and maintained, it can last for many years past the two-decade mark.

If you need septic installation in Snohomish, be sure to call Superior Septic Services today at (425) 905-2485. Our team can answer your questions and get your new installation scheduled in no time.

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