Plugged RV Black water Waste Tank

Do you have a Plugged RV Black water Waste Tank?

If you have ever had and RV waste water tank get plugged up, you are not alone. Many people experience this same problem. Most of the time this happens when the RV is parked and is hooked up to an external sewer connection or septic tank.

This is where the common error occurs.

The Black water tank valve is opened and remains open.

This create the problem by allowing the water to escape and the solids and toilet tissue remain behind. As time passes the waste and paper dry into a pile of paper Mache. This fills the tank and blocks the opening.


RV Black Water tanks are to be left closed until the tank is at least half full. Then if you are hooked up to an external Sewer or septic tank you can empty your black water tank. When empty close the valve!

When you need RV Black Water Pumping Service in Snohomish, you can count on us at Superior Septic.  We will get the job done right and at an affordable price.  I hope this helps you become a “happy camper” again.

Courtesy of Superior Septic Services


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