Offering Septic Repair Near Monroe

septic repair near Monroe

Superior Septic Services is offering septic repair near Monroe. You might think that septic tanks are simple things – just a big holding tank buried in the ground. The truth is, they are complex and so are the regulations related to them.

There are excellent reasons for this. At one time, summer outbreaks of cholera were common. Cholera is caused by drinking or eating something that is contaminated with Vibrio cholerae, a bacterium that is commonly passed through fecal matter. Once associated with pig farming, the bacteria can be passed through feces from anyone who is infected. Contaminated water is one of the more common vectors. Concerns about seepage from septic tanks is one reason for the stringent rules about how near the water table such tanks can be situated. This concern is one reason for the mound-type septic tanks, which require a pump to operate correctly, and is also the reason for periodic inspections of all septic tanks. It goes without saying (but we are going to say it anyway) that septic repair is essential. A septic tank that is not operating correctly is a health problem in the making.

Superior Septic Service is offering septic repair near Monroe, just call (425)905-2485 to set up an appointment. Signs that your system might need repair include standing water when there has been little or no rain, odd odors outside, sink or toilet backing up or not draining correctly. Getting those small repairs taken care of early can save your septic system from needing drastic repairs or even being replaced. Sometimes getting the tank pumped can reveal exactly what has been going on with it. You can bet in this modern world that you live both upstream and downstream of neighbors, so your upkeep of your system is essential as an environmental preventative measure.

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