Nothing Can Top Septic Pumping by Superior Septic Services!

Nothing Can Top Septic Pumping by Superior Septic Services!

If you own a home or property on acreage, you more than likely have a septic system if the land is developed. It might even be in perfect working condition, with a life expectancy of twenty or thirty years. However, other than repairs, there may be some routine maintenance tasks you’re forgetting. Even if your septic system is in perfect condition, you must get it pumped at least every three years and at most every five. If you’re looking for septic pumping in Lake Stevens, Superior Septic Services is the best fit for the job! 


What Happens If You Don’t Get Your Septic Tank Pumped?

If you know when the last time your septic tank was pumped (or don’t), you may consider putting it off and avoiding the pump to deal with the hassle later. But if you wait too long, it will cause serious problems. Here’s why:

Wastewater isn’t the only thing that goes down the drain to your septic tank. There are solids, too, like grease, hard food debris, and scum. The pH of your tank has bacteria that eat away at this gunk, and eventually, it turns into sludge. 

Be aware that your tank can only carry so much sludge. If it reaches capacity, the solids will move back into the pipes and clog them, which means you might have gunk coming back into your home. 


Though it’s recommended for your tank to be pumped every three to five years, it depends on your household size and water usage. For example, if you have a household of ten, you will probably have to get a pump a lot sooner when compared to a family of three. 

Don’t Wait; Call Superior Septic Services Today!

For peace of mind and a sludge-free pipe system in your home, you should get your septic tank pumped regularly. Even if it has been pumped within the last year or so, you can still be proactive and set up your next appointment with Superior Septic Services. Just call (425) 905-2485 for septic pumping in Lake Stevens at your convenience!


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