Need for Septic Repair in Monroe

Septic Repair in Monroe

Superior Septic Services can handle your septic repair in Monroe. Septic tanks are usually stable systems that require minimal maintenance, but sometimes things break on them. With a septic system, repairs sooner are far better than later – to cadge and old aphorism. Septic systems are designed to keep feces and e-coli bacteria out of freshwater systems.

Feces and e-coli are part of the natural cycle of life – but we don’t need to be like Forrest Gump and discover that you-know-what happens by stepping in it. We’ve learned, thanks to scientists and doctors, that e-coli is an indicator for accompanying bad bacteria that can cause diphtheria and several other diseases. Keeping black water from your bathroom separated from drinking water and perhaps even from the gray water makes it easier to create ways for the solids to biodegrade naturally and to separate out, filter and refresh the liquids before returning them to natural waterways. Yes, wild bears do what comes naturally in the woods, but one bear doesn’t produce the concentrated amounts of waste that one human household can produce in a comparable amount of time. When several households are side by side, that’s a lot of black water waste! Keeping your septic system in good repair helps protect the environment, your neighbor’s health and the health of you and your family.

If your home sanitation system doesn’t seem to be working just quite right, call Superior Septic Services at   (425)905-2485 for your septic repair in Monroe. You’ll be able to recognize our service team by the logo on our truck, and on their uniforms, as well as on all the paperwork. These are crazy times we live in, so accept no substitutes – and feel free to call our office with any questions you might have.

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