Mill Creek Septic Services

Septic tanks need to be maintained. If you are located in Mill Creek and have a septic tank that needs to be maintained, you need Superior Septic Services. Here at Superior Septic Services, we offer a range of services related to septic systems.  These services include but are not limited to pumping, installation, maintenance, repair and even rental of portable toilets (porta potties). Irregardless of the type or make of the septic system you have; our group of skilled technicians is knowledgeable and equipped to handle them all!

Essentially, our prices are the best you can find in Mill Creek. Our customers applaud us for this factor. We always strive to give our customers the best service at the lowest prices in the septic business. That’s why we have been successfully providing septic related services to customers for 25 years! Have a detailed look at our website today for more information about our services. We will gladly assist you!

Mill Creek Septic Inspection

Are you looking to get a new home or property? If yes, you may find that the escrow company needs a detailed inspection of the home or property before there can be a closing. That’s where we come in with our team of skilled technicians. We know exactly what to do and we do it at an inexpensive cost.

Mill Creek Septic Installation

Trust us to install your septic tanks and be among our many customers who were glad they did choose us! Not only will we install the septic tanks, we will inspect them to make sure they are working properly.

Mill Creek Septic Pumping

Pumping your septic tanks is essential in ensuring it is working properly. We have all the equipment to handle different types and sizes of septic tanks.

Mill Creek Septic Repair

Superior Septic Services’ main goal is to make sure that the problem you are experiencing with your septic tank is handled. All repairs are taken seriously as we strive to ensure that your septic needs are met.

Mill Creek Portable Toilet Rental

Why don’t you call us today? You can reach us at 425-905-2485 or you can click here to see how we can meet your septic needs today. Our porta potty rentals are the best in Mill Creek. You will be very pleased!

Mill Creek Portable Waste Holding Tank Rental – RV & Construction

If you are going to need more than one holding tank for your waste storage needs, we can set you up with a larger tank. We also have options in multiple smaller tanks that can easily connect together for the ultimate storage selection.

Drain Field Installation in Mill Creek

One of the most important systems in your entire household is most likely the one that you never check. Because your septic system runs quietly in the background and usually causes no problems, you’re likely used to never giving it a second thought. You may even be asking yourself if you have a septic system. A septic system is installed in fairly rural areas – usually ones that aren’t connected to any type of city water.

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