It’s Time For Septic Pumping In Lake Stevens!

It's Time For Septic Pumping In Lake Stevens!

As part of the beginning of a new year, septic pumping in Lake Stevens can help you get off on the right foot. If you’ve not had this process completed in a while, it’s time to talk to the experts at Superior Septic Services. Our team is here to help you take proper care of your system repair or replace it when needed. Learn below why pumping is a vital part of a healthy septic system and what you need to know to have your home run as smoothly as possible.

What is Septic Pumping?

This is where a professional plumber comes to the home with a waste truck to pump out the solids and liquids compiled in your tank. There is a hose put into the tank, and the waste is pumped into the truck container, where it is then properly and safely disposed of. This helps empty the tank to give you more room for your home and help the tank do its job properly.

How Often?

Most homeowners want to know how often this is necessary to keep the tank running as it should. Several factors are in play in that situation. For starters, how many people are in the home using it daily? Do you have a garbage disposal in the home? Are your laundry machines and dishwashers hooked to the tank as well? All of these can play into the calculations. However, homes should have this performed every two to five years in most cases.

If it’s time to have septic pumping in Lake Stevens at your home, give us a call today at (425) 905-2485 to set up your appointment for service.

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