Is It Time For A New Drain Field Installation In Monroe?

When it comes to making sure your home runs each day smoothly, that means relying on the septic system and drain fields to do their jobs. What happens if you start to notice troubling signs or you’re not sure if a new drain field installation in Monroe is necessary? Working with an expert team can help you know the signs and when to call in a pro. The experts at Superior Septic Services provide signs to watch for when it comes to making sure your drain field works as it should.

What Is The Drain Field?

A drain field is a series of open pipes that moves the wastewater away from the septic tank and home and disperses it to keep the septic from backing up or overflowing. Without a properly working drain field, the sewage smell would be prevalent, and your tank would eventually run over.

Signs You Need Assistance

Several signs point to needing a new installation. These might include:

  • Sluggish toilets or toilets that move very slow instead of normal
  • The smell of sewage around the property
  • Puddles form around the area where the tank/drain field is located
  • Slow-moving drains

A sewer inspection allows us to pinpoint the issue and get a drain field in place sooner than later. When your field needs to be replaced, it’s not something you want to put off. We can help restore your home to normal.

Whether you’re building a brand new home or you need to replace your current system, Superior Septic Services can help. Call us today at (425) 905-2485 to learn more about drain field installation in Monroe we provide. We look forward to helping with all your septic service needs.

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