If You Need Septic Repair in Lake Stevens Call the Pros at Superior Septic Services

If You Need Septic Repair in Lake Stevens Call the Pros at Superior Septic Services

If you live in a rural location, you most likely have a septic tank system. Anyone who is not hooked up to city sewage has to have a septic tank to handle their waste. Most of the time, your sewage system works quietly in the background, breaking down waste matter from your home. Over time, things wear out or break down and need to be repaired. Your septic system is no different. Superior Septic Services provides septic repair in Lake Stevens that can get you back on track quickly.

What Are Some Common Septic Repairs?

Over the years, there are problems that we often see when it comes to septic repairs. We often have to:

  • Replace septic risers
  • Replace septic lids
  • Put in a new filter
  • Replaces collapsed pipes in the leach field
  • Pump a full tank
  • Service above ground tanks more often

At Superior Septic Services, we have the training and experience to handle any septic problem out there. Above-ground tanks require more maintenance due to the peripheral system needed to make it all work.

Maintaining Your Septic System

Having your septic tank system serviced regularly cuts down on the number of repairs needed. Plus, you want to make sure you are meeting all safety standards for your area. If you have an older tank, it might be time to upgrade. Regular inspections can spot small problems before they become much bigger. It would help if you had your tank pumped every three to five years, depending on the size of the tank and the usage.

If you require septic repair in Lake Stevens, give Superior Septic Services a call at (425) 905-2424. We have been serving our community for over 25 years and pride ourselves on our customer service.

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