How to Know if You’re Due for a Septic Inspection

If you own a home that isn’t connected to a public sewer system, odds are that you have a septic system that you are utilizing. Septic systems consist of holding tanks, distribution tanks, and a drain which require regular maintenance in order to function properly. A broken septic system can cause an extremely inconvenient sewage to back up into your home. So how do you know if and when you need your septic system inspected?

  • As a general rule of thumb, if you are moving into a home for the first time, always have the septic system inspected. You have no idea how the previous homeowners treated and maintained the system (if at all), so the only way to make sure it works properly and will continue to do so is to have it checked by a professional prior to your home purchase.
  • If  you detect a foul odor present in your home, the source could potentially be coming from your septic system. The smell of rotten eggs or sewage can be red flags that your septic system may have a blockage and you should investigate the issue immediately before further damage.
  • If you notice damp areas around your semptic tank, or if you have noticed plants starting to grow around your tank, this could be a problem.  Dampness is a sign that either the distribution tank or the holding tank may have a leak in it.
  • If the water running down your drains have seemed to slowed down or clog more frequently, this could be a result of a faulty or overfilled septic system.

We are an ideal choice if you are looking for an septic inspection service in Arlington, WA.  If you are concerned that you may need a septic inspection, or you want more information on septic services, contact Superior Septic Services LLC at 425-905-2485 today.

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