How To Care For Your Septic System – Skilled Repairs in Everett

How To Care For Your Septic System - Skilled Repairs in Everett

At Superior Septic Services, we have the training and experience to complete any kind of septic repair in Everett. But we want to help you avoid issues with your septic system leading up to the point where you need repairs. Read on for some helpful tips on taking care of your septic system.

Don’t Flush Or Pour Things Down The Drain

You should flush human waste and toilet paper (preferably paper approved for septic systems) down the toilet and nothing else. Whatever you are thinking to ask if you should flush – the answer is probably no.

Even many cleaners and laundry detergents can damage the septic system when washed down the drain. For best results, look for cleaners that are septic system-approved.

Any chemicals, food waste, grease, paint, or medications can also damage the system. There must be beneficial bacteria in the septic tank to help break down the sludge at the bottom of it. These substances can interfere with the bacteria or add to the sludge unnecessarily.

Watch your Water Usage

Using a lot of water at one time will overwhelm your septic system. If you do laundry, run the dishwasher, and empty a bath simultaneously, all that water will rush into the septic tank at the same time.

As a result, your tank won’t be able to deal with it. Water will drain off, still containing some of the sludge, which will start clogging the pipes.

Even leaking pipes can unnecessarily add to the water going into the tank. Try to conserve water as much as possible to keep the septic tank running smoothly.

Be Careful Of Your Drainfield and Reserve Area

The drain field is where the wastewater is taken to process the water to make it pathogen-free. It contains a series of pipes that are buried underground. The lines could be damaged if vehicles are driving over it, structures built on top of it, livestock roaming on it, or deep-rooted plants.

This scenario would require you to schedule a repair visit as soon as possible, so it’s ideal to keep your drain field and reserve area free of all these things.

At Superior Septic Services, we can help you take care of your septic system so you won’t need repairs. But if something happens, we are here for septic repair in Everett. Call us any time at (425) 905-2485, and we will come out right away to ensure your septic system is working perfectly.


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