Frequently Asked Questions…

What do you charge to pump out a septic tank?
Prices vary, depending on system complexity, size and where you live.

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How often should I pump my septic tank and why do I have to pump it?
You should have your 1000 gallon septic tank pumped every 3 to 5 years, depending on how many people are using it. This will prolong the life of your septic system. Alternative Treatment Systems as well as systems that are smaller or older will require more maintenance. Consult your manufacturer or call us for more information.

2 people              every 5 years

3 people              every 4 years

4 people              every 3 years

6 people              every 2 years

Why do you have to dig up my tank lid?
If you have a gravity fed system, the septic tank will have three access points. If you have a Pump System, there will be four access points. Your septic tank and pump chamber should be located near each other.

I have a 4 inch plastic pipe coming out of the ground, do you pump the septic from it?

No! These are usually for inspection of laterals or clean outs for pipe. In order to get all the solids out, the septic tank. The Septic tank lids need to be opened or dug up. Tank access lids are approximately 18” to 30” diameter holes located in the top of the tanks. There are 3 lids on most septic tanks. If your System includes a submersible pump, the tank containing the pump will have an additional lid.

Are you able to locate my tank and how do you find it?
We have a probing rod that we use to locate the tank. For harder to find tanks, we have a small electronic device that we flush down your toilet which will go to your septic tank. We then use the receiver to locate the device.

My alarm is going off, what does this mean?
Your Pump is not working. It may be bad or you may have a problem with your floats or electrical. Contact us; we will work with you on the phone to see what the problem may be.

Do I need to be home when my septic tank is pumped?
No, as long as we know where your septic tank is located. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover over the phone for your convenience.

I have roots in my tank, what can I do to get rid of them?
We offer a product called ROOTX. It kills the roots in the tank. If roots are not removed they can destroy a sewer line and require the line to be dug up and replaced.

For additional information, contact our office at 425-905-2485.

Important Tips for a Healthy Septic System:

• Do not overload your septic system. Drain fields are designed for 120 to 150 gallons per day/ per bedroom. Depending on which county you live in. It’s now recommended that actual daily flow not exceed 70% of designed limits.

• Do not put kitchen grease down the drain.

• Do not flush cigarettes, sanitary napkins, wipes, disposable diapers, or other inorganic materials down the toilet.

• Do not put gasoline, oil, anti-freeze, paint, paint thinner, pesticides, etc. down the drain.

• Use garbage disposal sparingly or increase septic system maintenance schedule. Most people use a garbage grinder for vegetables. Ground up vegetables create vegetable oils!

• Check all plumbing fixtures for leaks. A running toilet can easily exceed your drain fields maximum design flows and lead to drain field failures.

• Use a brand of toilet paper that holds together and doesn’t break down easily.

• Have your system inspected and pumped out every 3 to 5 years by Superior Septic Services (or as required by law)!

Systems that contain Submersible Pumps and other advanced components require annual Inspection as part of proper maintenance.

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