Fast and Affordable Septic Service in Lake Stevens

Septic Service in Lake Stevens

Superior Septic Services is prepared for your septic service in Lake Stevens. Septic systems are not something that many people think about when they are buying a house, or when living in a rental. However, one that has been neglected can bring some unpleasant surprises.

During an unusually dry bit of weather, a young couple was tending to the lawn in their new home. The wife, who had been looking for a nice place for a garden, noticed that there was a boggy place in the back yard. “I didn’t think it had rained,” she said. “I don’t believe it has,” the husband replied. Then they noticed the bad odor…their septic tank was backing up into their yard instead of draining properly. Boggy places that have an unpleasant odor are often an early warning sign of a septic tank that is malfunctioning. Often, a bit of septic service can set your tank to rights and get things draining properly again. Sometimes pumping and repairs are not enough to fix the problem, at which time the only solution is to place a new tank in a different location. Since that can be a big, expensive deal, preventive services are the economical approach to home septic systems.

Superior Septic Services is prepared for your septic service in Lake Stevens, just give us a call at (425)905-2485. We will be glad to check any early warning signs and to help with other indicated repairs. Clogged lines, malfunctioning pumps, or broken parts on the septic tank itself can cause the symptoms that indicate a septic tank getting ready to “go bad.” A septic service visit is also a good time to get that yearly, or every third year, inspection out of the way.

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