Everett Septic Inspection

Everett septic inspection

Superior Septic Services can help with your Everett septic inspection. Our team has the training and the experience as well as the necessary certification.

Septic inspections fulfill multiple functions. First, they meet state and federal requirements to show that your home sanitation arrangements are up to standard. Second, they can help catch repair needs before they become an extreme problem. Third, they can provide assurance that your arrangements are performing as they should to keep pollutants out of our fresh water supply. Traditional, gravity feed septic tanks should be inspected once every three years. Mound type septic tanks that are pump fed need to be inspected once each year. These inspections include such things as checking lids to risers, taking a look at baffles and examining the leach field. They might coincide with routine maintenance such as changing out filters or even with pumping. Although a well-behaved septic tank will not need to be pumped often, even with the best maintenance, pumping will eventually be needed. Appropriately scheduled inspections will not only keep you in compliance, they will – in the long run – save money, provide convenience (because your septic system will be operating correctly) and help prevent tragic accidents such as can occur when septic tank lids are in poor repair.

Call Superior Septic Services at (425)905-2485 if it is time for your Everett septic inspection. We are both conscientious and thorough, keeping in mind your needs as well as the parameters laid out for such inspections. Our goal is to make this required event work for you – not just fulfill the paperwork. We understand that business of living on a budget and making expenses count toward an advantage as well as simply fulfilling a requirement. We will bring that awareness to the inspection process.

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