Everett Portable Toilet


If you live in around Everett or the greater Snohomish County area, Superior Septic Service provides Superior Restrooms the perfect solution for your upcoming portable toilet rental requirements. As Superior Septic’s primary business is septic tanks and pumping, we have all the necessary equipment needed to get the job completed correctly and professionally.

Our 2-stall restroom trailer is great for events that are fancier than a portable toilet. It provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere for guests who discover a generous amount of space and the conveniences of home.Read More

Is there an outdoor wedding or reception in your family’s future? If so, you should invest in  our Wedding Portable Toilet rental. After all, if the special event is at your home, you don’t want all the guests traipsing through your house searching for the bathroom facilities.Read More

As the majority of these events are outside where there are often no traditional facilities available, bathrooms for all participants and attendees must be present. Superior Septic Services offers rentals of portable toilets for your next Car Show for added convenience.Read More

Depending on the size of the project, construction may take a few weeks, months or even years. Productivity by all personnel involved is important to ensure timely completion of the job. One way to aid in worker productivity is to provide Construction Site Portable Toilets for the convenience of all participants, since traditional bathroom facilities are seldom available.Read More

Are you planning to remodel your home or reconfigure some landscaping in the yard? Adding an addition or enclosing a garage? If you are, you need to consider the numerous employees working in a variety of capacities who will be in and around your house.Read More

Are you planning a special outdoor event, like a concert, bridal shower or neighborhood carnival? Maybe it’s a community craft show out in Farmer John’s pasture or a tiny tot bicycle rodeo. Whatever the occasion may be, if you’re expecting a crowd of people, Special Event Portable Toilets should be provided for the convenience of workers and participants.Read More

These occasions require extensive planning. Part of that preparation involves providing bathroom facilities for the participants and workers at each holiday event, as traditional bathrooms are typically inaccessible or not available where they will be held.Read More

One portable toilet for every 25-50 people expected is the recommended gauge for each event. Parks & Rec Portable Toilets come in several styles. The typical standard version is a simple non-flushing model, complete with toilet tissue and a small hand sanitizing station.Read More

All shapes and all sizes fill the baseball and soccer fields to cheer on the kids who work so hard to bring a team to victory. At any given time, that is a lot of people who often spend hours at these sporting events who will require access to restroom facilities.Read More

It’s always a good time when family and friends gather for special occasions. When a crowd is expected, it’s important to take care of all the little details – food, paper products, parking. Something people may forget to consider is the bathroom facilities.Read More

A peaceful trip to the riverfront, cabin, lakefront or campsite is sometimes just what you need to rejuvenate and refresh. Often, due to the sometimes rustic nature of these locations, traditional plumbing may be inaccessible or not be available at all.Read More