Everett Homes Discover Septic Services That Are Ecofriendly

Everett Homes Discover Septic Services That Are Ecofriendly

More people than ever before are taking steps to be ecologically friendly in their homes. On top of that, the regulations regarding septic systems and services are more stringent. Whether they are city-operated or on private property, Septic systems impact the water in our area. We owe it to ourselves and our neighbors to be eco-minded whenever possible. Superior Septic Services offers septic services in Everett that are eco-friendly.

Septic Tanks Get a Bad Rap

If you live where you cannot connect to city sewage, a septic system is a must. Many people do not understand how septic tank systems work, and they may think they are bad for the environment. A properly working septic system maintains a good balance of bacteria in the septic tank and the leach field.

How the Septic System Works

Bacteria help break down the fluid, and the solids then separate the two. The liquid gets filtered before entering the leach field and then into the ecosystem. The fluid flows through perforated pipes that are surrounded by a biomat form. This biomat assists with the digestion of pathogens that may have gotten through the septic tank. Limiting what goes through the septic system can help the ecosystem. Ways to do that include:

  • Using low-flow toilets
  • Using water-saving showers
  • Create a compost heap for kitchen scraps
  • Divert rainwater from the septic system

At Superior Septic Services, we do our best to take care of the environment just as you do. We have over 25 years of experience taking care of septic systems. If you need septic services in Everett, contact us at 425-905-2485. We install, maintain, and repair all types of septic tank systems.

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