Drain Field Installation in Bothell

Drain Field Installation in Bothell

Why Choose Superior Septic Serivces For Your Drain Field Installation in Bothell?

There are very few things more important to a home than a functional septic system. Of course, you need electricity and heat, but running water and a fully functional waste system is a must. If your septic system is old or in disrepair, you may need a new installation as opposed to repair, or perhaps your drain field is not operating how it should. In extremely rural areas, some homes even have cesspools, which needs a brand-new installation of a functioning septic system. If you’ve been looking for a new Drain Field Installation in Bothell, or simply need some maintenance performed on your existing system, Superior Septic Services, LLC is a top choice.

In business for decades, we pride ourselves on our thorough, quality work that’s at an affordable price to you. A hometown business, we’re more than happy to come out in an emergency situation if your current septic system is not working.

There are many issues that may indicate that there is a problem with the current septic system. Perhaps your toilet is backing up, or you smell a foul odor, either inside or outside your home. You may also see sewage or backed up water in your yard. If any of these incidents occur, it’s best to stop using any water immediately and give us a call so that we can evaluate your problem. Sewage backed up into your year may be an indication that your drain field needs to be fixed, which can mean a total new installation.

To learn more about drain field installation in Bothell, call Superior Septic Services, LLC today at (425)905-9485 to speak with a member of our staff. We’re more than happy to take care of your business.

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